NEWS EDITION: With More Alcohol Choices Than Ever, Young Drinkers Won’t Settle For Beverages Of The Past

How much alcohol young legal drinking age adults (LDAs) consume today isn’t so far out of lockstep with prior generations.
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Welcome to another edition of Uncorked News.  Interesting industry info for liquor stores, beer stores, and wine shops with a splash of point of sale (POS) technology topics.

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With More Alcohol Choices Than Ever, Young Drinkers Won’t Settle For Beverages Of The Past

“How much alcohol young legal drinking age adults (LDAs) consume today isn’t so far out of lockstep with prior generations. Whether measured by the percentage of people who say they drink or how much Gen Z adds to the total population’s volume of alcohol consumption, levels are consistent. What is vastly different, however, is what types of alcohol those young people are choosing and why.”

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Pennsylvania’s Wine & Spirits Sales Top 3.15 Billion For Fiscal Year

“Pennsylvania’s wine and spirits sales topped $3.15 billion in the past fiscal year, according to new numbers released by the state on Wednesday.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which regulates the distribution of alcohol in Pennsylvania and operates 600 wine and spirits stores statewide, said sales completed in the 2022-23 fiscal year totaled $3.15 billion, $133 million or 4.5% more than last year. Gross wine and spirits sales in Pennsylvania topped $3 billion for the first time last year.”

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This beer is made with recycled wastewater (and the company says you won’t be able to tell)

“If you simplify beer down to its most basic ingredients, you’ll find water, malts, hops, and yeast. While the hops, malts, and yeast are tremendously important, it’s difficult to undervalue the importance of water. Specifically clean water. Most brewers in the U.S. might take this for granted, as clean, potable water can be found in most taps from Temecula to Tampa Bay. But, while safe, clean drinking water is prevalent everywhere, sometimes we take it for granted. This is especially true when there are drought conditions, or flooding adds bacteria and other waste into an area’s drinking water.”

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