Dual-Pricing – is it surcharging? Is it legal?

More and more of our liquor stores are searching for ways to save themselves from inflation, labor costs, price changes and are turning to surcharges.
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Inflation, supply chain issues, rising labor costs, constant cost changes…  More and more of our customers are searching for ways to increase their profitability.  Many of them are seeing other businesses charging fees like convenience fees, credit card surcharges, etc.  

Many of our customers are asking if other liquor stores are doing something like this and if it’s hurting or helping their business.

How To Put Almost All of Your Credit Card Fees Back in Your Pocket (without losing customers)

“You may be surprised to learn about a sweeping change that’s helping liquor store owners take back the thousands of dollars per month they’re paying in credit card fees. ✓ How to Fight Inflation & Generate Sustainable ROI.✓ See How Smart Liquor Store Owners Are Taking Their Fees & Profit Back.✓ Why the “Choose-your-own-processor” model puts you and your profit at a disadvantage. 


Too Many Adults Don’t Know the Definition of a Standard Drink

“Beyond beer, wine and spirits, there are now a variety of RTD beverages: malt-based hard seltzers, wine-based flavored spritzers, canned or pre-mixed cocktails, and more. But, while more options are great for consumers, these RTD products come in a range of sizes and alcohol content, and it is not always the case that one container equals one serving. This makes understanding the definition of a “standard drink” critically important.” 

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Seattle Grocery Store To Stop Selling Liquor, Here’s Why

“A grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is halting the sale of liquor. The Trader Joe’s at 1700 Madison Street will stop selling spirits a store manager told KOMO. This decision is indefinite, and there’s no word on when the store will allow the sale of liquor again. The store will continue selling wine and beer.” 

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