NEWS EDITION: THC seltzers can’t be sold in Minnesota liquor stores. Some are doing it anyway

THC-infused drinks are popping up at liquor stores across the Twin Cities, even though they technically aren't allowed to be sold alongside beer, wine, and spirits.
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THC seltzers can’t be sold in Minnesota liquor stores…some are doing it anyway

“THC-infused drinks are popping up at liquor stores across the Twin Cities, even though they technically aren’t allowed to be sold for now alongside beer, wine, and spirits.

Why it matters: The trend underscores the high consumer demand for the buzz-generating beverages and the largely unregulated state of Minnesota’s burgeoning hemp-derived THC industry.

Catch up fast: Last summer’s legalization of hemp-derived edibles set off a THC beverage boom, as breweries and others began producing drinks that can get people high.

Without licensing requirements or other regulations restricting beverage sales, the products soon began appearing at bars, restaurants, gift shops, beauty salons, and even some grocery stores.”

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‘Champagne of Beers’ leaves French sparkling wine producers frothing

“The guardians of Champagne will let no one take the name of the bubbly beverage in vain, not even a U.S. beer behemoth.

At the request of the trade body defending the interests of houses and growers of the northeastern French sparkling wine, Belgian customs crushed more than 2,000 cans of Miller High Life advertised as such.

The Comité Champagne asked for the destruction of a shipment of 2,352 cans because the century-old motto used by the American brewery infringes the protected designation of origin “Champagne.”

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Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission considers doubling tax on hard alcohol

“A month after lawmakers killed a bill that would have raised beer and wine taxes, state officials are considering increasing a tax on hard liquor.
The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission marks up the cost of hard alcohol, about doubling the price for consumers. The markup includes a bottle surcharge of 50 cents. First imposed in 2009, it’s been renewed consistently since.” 

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