What can liquor store owners do about shoplifting?

We’ve been hearing more and more from our clients about BRAZEN shoplifting in their stores. Worse still, criminals are becoming violent. Last week we heard about an employee getting punched in the face when they tried to stop the crime.
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According to a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal, “Retailers say theft is rising as more people shop in stores, cutting into profits that were already under pressure” (Shoplifting Climbs as In-Store Shopping Returns)We’ve been hearing more and more from our clients about BRAZEN shoplifting in their stores.  Worse still, criminals are becoming violent.  Last week we heard about an employee getting punched in the face when they tried to stop the crime.  There are several measures that a liquor store owner can take to prevent shoplifting. 

Before we get into the tips – here is a big question: how much are you losing to theft?  I don’t know about you but when I’m stolen from it feels like a personal violation.  You feel gross.   It makes you FEEL like you want to take strong action.  That said, the amount of effort you should put into dealing with the issue depends on the size of the problem.  Outside of doing what is needed to protect your staff and customers (spare no expense there!), we should take the emotion out of it.  Your business is an investment.  Treat it like that.

99% of our clients have ZERO idea how much they are losing to theft.  Why?  Because they don’t track their inventory in their POS system?  Why?  Most POS systems are not designed for liquor stores so it’s impossible.

Is this a $1,000 per year problem or a $50,000 per year problem?  For most of you, is the latter but you can’t act with a proper response without the knowledge.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to get started.   Heads up: we’re working on future articles that will dive deeper and try to find hidden ways to help you solve this problem.  The end of the article will give you an opportunity to get into that.

Implement security measures: Installing security cameras and hiring security personnel can help deter shoplifters and make it easier to identify and apprehend them if they do steal from the store.

Display high-value items in a visible location: Placing high-value items in a visible location, such as behind the counter or in a locked case, can make it more difficult for shoplifters to steal them.

Use signage and displays to remind customers of the store’s policies: Posting signs reminding customers that shoplifting is not tolerated and that they are being monitored by security cameras can help deter potential shoplifters.

Train employees to be vigilant: Teaching employees how to spot potential shoplifters and how to handle situations if they do occur can help prevent shoplifting.

Use sensors and alarms on high-value items: Attaching sensors or alarms to high-value items can alert store employees if someone attempts to steal them.

Use loss prevention techniques: Implementing loss prevention techniques, such as bag checks or keeping track of high-value items, can help prevent shoplifting.

An integration between your liquor store POS software and your camera system can be quite interesting.  The POS system can flag potential threats and allow you to drill down into footage from the camera system.  When a cashier does a void for example – you can zoom right into the footage.


We’re going to attempt to work with law enforcement and other experts to gather even more tips and tricks.  If you’d like to know more as we share information subscribe to our newsletter.

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