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Reflecting on attending Legislative Day at the Minnesota State Capital with our Liquor Store Associations
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“Reflecting on attending Legislative Day at the Minnesota State Capital with our Liquor Store Associations”

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the MMBA/MLBA Legislative Day at the Minnesota State Capital. It was a bustling event filled with various initiatives and discussions. However, one notable item that may not come up this year is bringing beer, wine, and liquor (BWL) to grocery stores.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the opposition to deposits, similar to those in Iowa. Store owners and attendees expressed that they do not want the added overhead of being in the recycling business and prefer to avoid the additional responsibilities.

Another topic of discussion was the future of electronic pull tabs. With the stadium expected to be paid off this year, the focus on electronic pull tabs is likely to increase. These pull tabs were originally introduced to raise funds for the stadium, and with that goal in sight, the future of what these tabs go for and the revenue share split is an important consideration.

Finally, the cannabis bill was also a hot topic at the legislative day. The bill will be re-written, with liquor stores definitely in the conversation and more oversight as to the who’s, where’s, and whens of distributing. Currently, dry cleaners are able to sell gummies and THC products, while liquor stores are not. This raises questions about who should be allowed to sell these products, should they become legal.

Is your POS system ready to help you deal with regulations should legal cannabis come to your state?

It was interesting to see that many of the attendees at the event were Cloud Retailer users, which highlights the growing interest and involvement of this community in the legislative process.


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