NEWS EDITION: How Miller Accidentally Paved the Way for PBR’s ‘Hipster’ Resurrection

PBR’s early aughts renaissance is one of the biggest enigmas in modern American beer history, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.
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Welcome to another edition of Uncorked News.  Interesting industry info for liquor stores, beer stores, and wine shops with a splash of point of sale (POS) technology topics.

For over 15 years we have been on the edge of relevant offerings within the Retail Alcohol Industry to help guide your interests and decisions. The Industry is changing and we are changing right along side it to better suit your needs including Dual Pricing.

How Miller Accidentally Paved the Way for PBR’s ‘Hipster’ Resurrection

“PBR’s early aughts renaissance is one of the biggest enigmas in modern American beer history, and it seemed to come out of nowhere. But somehow, the brand managed to pull off a successful revival that seduced young drinkers all over the Pacific Northwest (and eventually the nation), and turned its flagship pilsner into the cool-kid beer of choice.”

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Seeking Answers from a Visa Surcharging Executive

“More than 10 years after Visa Inc. wrote its rules permitting surcharging on its credit cards, questions remain among merchants, especially those considering SURCHARGE programs.

Now, as more merchants mull surcharge or cash-discount programs to alleviate some of their card-acceptance costs the subject is getting more attention. Visa’s changes to its surcharge rules surfaced earlier this year. In April, after issuing a January bulletin noting it would reduce the cap on credit card surcharges, Visa quietly put the change in place. The move comes as Visa boosts enforcement of the cap. A surcharge refers to cases when customers are charged an additional fee when paying with a credit card. Some programs may label the fees as service fees or non-cash adjustments, but these moves are still considered a surcharge.

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For Big Craft Breweries, It’s Any C-Store in a Storm

“Perhaps you’ve heard the American craft brewing industry is having a tough time lately. It’s true! We’re not talking about “Bud Light” levels of bed-sh*tting calamity, but the once-surging segment has been flat to slightly down in growth for the past few years, for reasons we have discussed at length here, here, and here. The upshot is that the craft brewing industry needs a rally point, a redoubt to catch its breath, lick its wounds, and gird itself for the ever-more-fierce fight for American hearts, minds, and throats.”

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