Boost Your Profits With Our Liquor Store POS

For liquor stores, even 3% can be the difference between the high life and bankruptcy. Maintaining that profitability can be incredibly challenging because of excessive payment fees, complex inventory management, and issues with compliance.

Our liquor store profit system has been designed with features that tackle all of these obstacles, helping you cut our middlemen, reduce payment fees and labor costs, and optimize profitability. With our liquid store management software, you can add at least 1% to your bottom line.

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Increase Revenue

Our liquor store management software drives revenue growth through a comprehensive suite of features to enhance customer engagement. Our customizable loyalty and rewards programs incentivize repeat business, leading to an impressive 10% increase in transaction size. Uncorked Commerce seamlessly integrates e-commerce platforms like CityHive and Southern Glazers, allowing you to tap into new revenue streams and go beyond the confines of your physical store.

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Personalized Rewards

Create customizable loyalty and rewards programs

Market Basket Reporting

Uncover buyer behavior with Market Basket reporting and gain valuable insights into customer preferences

Effortless Integration for Your Online Store

Seamlessly integrate your e-commerce with uncorked commerce

Revenue-Generating E-commerce Integrations

Boost e-commerce profits with strategic partnerships like CityHive and Southern Glazers

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Reduce Payment Fees

Our liquor store profit software dramatically slashes payment fees. Our Dual Price option offers a superior alternative to surcharging by entirely eliminating credit card fees, potentially boosting profits by 5%. Our Cash Discounting feature encourages cash transactions, reducing payment fees and saving on processing costs. With Proof Payments, you benefit from the best transaction rates and fees in the industry, potentially reducing fees by 1% and optimizing profits.

Dual Price Option

Eliminates credit card fees, potentially boosting profits by 5%

Proof Payments

Super fast transactions. Pricing tailored to high volume, low margin liquor retailers

Cash Discounting Feature

Incentivizes cash transactions, reducing payment fees and cutting processing costs

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Reduce Labor Costs

Cloud Retailer helps liquor store owners cut labor costs without compromising customer service. Our point-of-sale system enables faster transaction processing, reducing the need for additional staffing during peak hours. Furthermore, our system offers automated reporting, which minimizes the time spent on daily routines and frees your staff for more productive tasks. Our system is so easy to navigate that your staff can be trained on it within 15 minutes. These features allow you to run your operations more efficiently with reduced staff.

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Streamlined Training

Intuitive interface for easy staff training

Automated Inventory Management

Streamline inventory tasks like receiving, label printing, and invoicing

Lightning-Fast Card Processing

Fast 3-second card processing for speedy transactions

Labor-Saving Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, Johnson Brothers, Anheuser-Busch, Fintech, EDI, and Automated PO’s

True Age Verification

Ensures fast and accurate ID scanning

Idiot Proof Push-Reports and Alerts for Simplified Monitoring

Simplify your monitoring with push reports and alerts

Mobile Phone App

Stay in control anywhere with our mobile app

Auto Invoicing

Streamline your workflow and eliminate manual tasks with our auto invoicing feature

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Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Cloud Retailer provides comprehensive solutions to protect liquor store profits by minimizing inventory shrinkage. Our real-time alerts for suspicious, high-risk transactions, such as voided sales and discounts, allow you to identify and address issues promptly. Furthermore, you can offer role-based access to ensure only authorized personnel handle inventory. Integration with Eagle Eye camera monitoring provides real-time surveillance and alerts for suspicious activities.

“Best” End of Day Report

Identify risky transactions with our end of day reports

Prevent Revenue Loss with Discount Authorization Role-Based Security

Control access to sensitive information

Identify Unusual Sales Patterns

Spot sales irregularities effortlessly with transaction alerts

Discount Approval System

Streamline discounts with our customizable approval system

Monitor Employee Activity

Shift close and punch-in alerts for supervising employee activity

Real-Time Surveillance and Alerts

Stay alert with live monitoring and alerts with Eagle Eye camera integration

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Advanced Inventory Management

Cloud Retailer offers advanced inventory management tools to optimize your stock levels and maximize profitability. Our system uses AI-driven forecasting to make data-driven decisions, ensuring you minimize stockouts and receive real-time alerts for out-of-stock items. You can also detect and rectify price errors promptly with price error detection. Our liquor store management software provides comprehensive solutions to help liquor store owners stay competitive.

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Real-Time Alerts

Receive live alerts for out of stock items

Historical Inventory Reports

Access historical inventory data easily with detailed reports

SKU Reporting

Track SKU price changes effectively with our reporting

Custom Liquor Store Database

Tailored solutions with our custom liquor store databases

Price Error Detection

Quickly detect and rectify price mistakes

AI-Driven Forecasting

Harness AI for accurate inventory predictions

Improve Measurement Precision

Enhance precision with unit of measure capability

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