Optimize Your Kansas Liquor Stores: Tailored Solutions for Navigating Kansas Alcohol Laws

Welcome to Cloud Retailer, designed specifically for retail liquor stores in Kansas, where understanding Kansas liquor laws and obtaining a Kansas liquor license are paramount. Wondering why this matters to you? Our system is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of Kansas Package Store retailers, offering a comprehensive suite of features and solutions designed to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. Discover how Cloud Retailer can revolutionize your business and elevate your retail experience.

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Our Key Features

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Automation of Keg Registration and reporting (ensures KS state Keg Registration compliance and saves you time)

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Buy online, pickup in store liquor store e-commerce is turn key and designed specifically for liquor store retailers (so you offer buy online pickup in store and/or liquor store specific e-commerce to increase revenue and customer satisfaction)

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Online integrations with Uber Eats, City Hive, BottleCapps, and more (yet another way to offer your customers buying options)

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Automation of BWL specific reporting (ensures visibility into your business while saving you time)

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Easiest Age verification tool known that holds your cashier accountable (ensures age verification compliance)

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Purchasing integration to suppliers like Standard and Worldwide (reduce time spent placing purchase orders)

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Fantastic wholesale functionality for our liquor store customers that sell to bars and restaurants (automates wholesale pricing as well as invoicing wholesale customers, via Fintech fulfillment integration)

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Lightning fast credit card processing that is significantly less expensive than most processors – including new touchless payment options (our systems is also merchant services/processor agnostic with no required contracts – we want to earn your business – not force you in to a contract)

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Email alerts let you know when there’s a problem in your store (know what is going on at your store in real time without actually being at the store!)

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Already in use by fellow retailers in Kansas (so you can be assured that we know the peculiarities of working with liquor store retailers in the Jayhawk State)

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15+ Years Empowering Kansas Liquor Retailers Nationwide: Navigating Kansas Alcohol Laws with Expertise

For over 15 years, we’ve proudly assisted liquor retailers nationwide, focusing on independently owned stores across Kansas – navigating the intricacies of Kansas liquor laws and helping secure Kansas liquor licenses. Join the ranks of satisfied businesses benefiting from our tailored solutions and industry expertise.


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See how liquor store owners like you are thriving with Cloud Retailer. From boosting profits to streamlining operations, discover their real-life success stories and how our system can make the difference for your business.

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