Easy POS Integration With Other Software

Cloud Retailer simplifies the process of integrating with other software, making it an ideal solution for both liquor store owners and wholesalers. Our POS integrations seamlessly sync with various tools and platforms, including popular accounting software like QuickBooks, delivery apps like BeverageX and Uber, eCommerce platforms like City Hive, and many more. Whether you’re managing a retail store or handling wholesale operations, Cloud Retailer offers a hassle-free POS integration experience. This enables you to optimize workflows, tap into new markets, and boost sales and revenue, providing comprehensive support for the entire supply chain.

Supplier Integration


With QuickBooks POS integration, businesses can streamline their financial management processes, synchronize sales data, and gain valuable insights into their operations. With real-time synchronization of sales and transaction data, businesses can streamline their accounting workflows and gain insights into their financial performance.

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Delivery Apps

Connect Cloud Retailer with popular delivery apps like BeverageX, Instacart, or Minibar to expand your customer reach and offer convenient delivery services. With seamless integration, orders placed through these delivery apps are automatically processed in Cloud Retailer, ensuring efficient fulfillment and timely delivery to customers.

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Integrate Cloud Retailer with e-commerce platforms like Thirstie, Bottlecapps, and Cityhive to create a unified shopping experience across online and offline channels. Cityhive, the #1 liquor store e-commerce technology, offers an exclusive integration with our customer loyalty program, ensuring new customer accounts and loyalty points sync automatically with the POS system. By syncing inventory levels and order data in real-time, liquor store owners can effectively manage their online storefronts and ensure accurate product availability.

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Open API Standards

Our Liquor POS system leverages Open API standards, including OpenAPI and Swagger, to enable seamless integration with third-party applications. This ensures flexibility, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences by connecting with accounting software, inventory management, and loyalty programs. With robust security protocols, our POS system offers a future-proof solution that adapts to technological advancements effortlessly.

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Order Management

With our order management integration, you can seamlessly sync orders and inventory data across multiple sales channels. Centralizing order processing and inventory management allows businesses to streamline their operations and fulfill orders more efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing loyalty and repeat business.

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Sales Data Aggregators

With our integration with sales data aggregators like AC Nielsen Retail Measurement and Altria, you can aggregate sales data from various sources, including online and offline transactions. By consolidating sales data into a single platform, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into their sales performance and customer behavior to optimize sales strategies.

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State Liquor Control Board / Authority

Ensure compliance with state liquor regulations by integrating Cloud Retailer with state liquor control boards or authorities like Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control and Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This allows you to automate reporting processes and ensure timely submission of required documentation, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

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Manage tobacco sales and compliance requirements with our integration with RJ Reynolds. Ensure accurate age verification and compliance with tobacco regulations, reducing the risk of fines or legal consequences. This streamlines tobacco sales and enhances compliance.

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Camera System

Tap into our camera system directly from Cloud Retailer. Drill down into and investigate suspicious events easily and quickly.

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