Eliminate Credit Card Fees With Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing is a strategic way for liquor store owners to mitigate or eliminate credit card fees. By offering two price points—one for cash transactions and another for card payments—store owners can transparently pass on credit card fees to customers while still having competitive pricing.

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How Dual Pricing Works

Dual Pricing offers two pricing options for transactions, one for cash payments and another for card transactions. Liquor store owners partnering with our Dual Pricing merchant services use this model to offset or entirely pass on credit card processing fees to customers. When customers opt to pay with a credit card, they’re charged a slightly higher price compared to those paying with cash. This incremental increase accounts for the merchant fees associated with credit card processing, transferring the burden from the business owner to the consumer.

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Increase Profit Without Losing Customers

Dual Pricing doesn’t deter customers because the average price difference is minimal. It typically ranges from $0.70 to $1.00 for every $100 spent, translating to just $0.03 on the dollar for card users. These cents and dollars can add up to significant savings in the long run.

Legal in Most States

Dual Pricing remains legally compliant across 49 states, providing liquor store owners with a reliable method of managing credit card processing fees. Unlike surcharging, which faces restrictions in some jurisdictions, Dual Pricing is a universally accepted solution.

Completely Transparent

Dual Pricing offers complete transparency to customers. With clearly displayed cash and card prices, customers understand the cost implications of their payment method choice upfront. This transparency also builds trust with customers who don’t feel duped or blindsided.

Dual Pricing vs. Surcharging

While Dual Pricing offers two distinct price points for cash and card transactions, surcharging adds an additional fee to credit card payments. Compared to surcharging, which is illegal in many states and leaves customers feeling like they’re being swindled, Dual Pricing is a fair and compliant solution for managing credit card processing fees.

Legal Compliance

Dual Pricing is legally compliant in across 49 states. In contrast, surcharging may be subject to legal restrictions or prohibitions in certain jurisdictions, leading to fines and legal issues.

Customer Perception

Customers often respond negatively to surcharging because of the perception of hidden fees or unfair pricing. However, customers generally appreciate the transparency of Dual Pricing.

Transparency in Pricing

Dual Pricing offers clear and upfront pricing, displaying both cash and card prices to customers. Surcharging lacks transparency, as the additional fee may not always be explicitly communicated.

Customer Retention

Dual Pricing maintains customer loyalty by offering transparent pricing. Conversely, surcharging may lead to customer attrition as customers seek merchants with fairer pricing policies.

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Put an End to Huge Processing Fees

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Pay Near-Zero Credit Card Fees

Dual Pricing vs. Cash Discounting

While Dual Pricing offers two distinct price points for cash and card transactions, cash discounting provides discounts to customers who pay with cash. Unlike cash discounting, which requires highlighting a higher price and explicitly offering a discount, Dual Pricing simply advertises the cash price without explicitly showing a discount. Your price ALWAYS looks higher than a store that can highlight their Cash price with Dual Pricing.

Customer Perception

Dual Pricing presents a straightforward pricing model. Cash discounting may create skepticism among customers regarding the true value of the discounted price compared to the regular price.

Implementation Complexity

Implementing Dual Pricing is straightforward because there’s minimal need for communication. However, cash discounts have to be clearly communicated to customers.

Customer Experience

Dual Pricing enhances the customer experience by avoiding confusion. Cash discounting may lead to customer dissatisfaction if they feel pressured to pay with cash to receive the discount.

Credit Card Fees

Building credit card fees into pricing is deceptive. Dual Pricing offers daily savings, not just promotions. It ensures fairness, enhances brand image, and saves on fees.


Customer’s Love Dual Pricing

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