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Built Specifically for Retailers

Cloud Retailer® provides next generation tools for point-of-sale, inventory control, security safeguards, and more tailored to help your stores increase sales and increase profit.

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A Little Goes a Long Way

You can add AT LEAST 1% to your bottom line by switching to Cloud Retailer.

Increase your sales by at least 1%

Allow us to show you how you can increase your sales by at lease 1% by simply switching to Cloud Retailer.

Increase your profits by at least 1%

We'll show you how to not only increase sales, but more importantly, increase your bottom line.

Increase your return on inventory by at least 1%

It just gets better and better. Not only can you increase sale profits but also increase your return.

Sell More to
Happy Customers

COMING SOON! Customers can buy online and pick up at the curb. Our integrated e-commerce options can help you do that.

Integrated customer loyalty and points tracking.

Intuitive POS makes it easy to learn for cashiers and a fast/seamless checkout experience for your customers.

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You Will
Worry Less

Cloud based - Our technical team is babysitting your systems so you don’t have to manage your system from the office, from home, or from the beach.

The most advanced and secure credit card processing technology available, including EMV chip processing.

Built in driver’s license scanning and age verification.

Excessive cashier discount, void, or adjustment to your inventory system alerts via email.

Built in legal compliance like TABC, 1014 reporting, and more.

It Will
Save You Time

Automated reporting and alerts emailed to you with the data you want when you want it. No more time wasted on daily routines running and printing reports.

Integrate your account system to eliminate wasted double entry.

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You Will Increase Your Profit

Monitors profit margins and automatically alerts you when it sees an issue.

Market-basket reporting allows you to know what else people buy when you come in for your loss leader items.

Choose from multiple credit card processors.

Dynamic attributes allow you to track information about your products to help upsell customers, make better use of e-commerce channels, and better analyze your business.

What our clients say

Hear from clients using Cloud Retailer in the field

If your business is bigger than an “app” but you don’t want to be tied into the big box boys then Cloud Retailer is for you.


In my business discount sales and promotions are key. I love Cloud Retailer’s discounts and sales functions, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

@R & M Liquidators

Cloud Retailer allows me to control 70 revenue points (mobile pos) at a single time, doing sales in places that most businesses would never consider putting a full-fledged POS system.


Cloud Retailer provides a very intuitive interface for the business I operate and their tech support and willingness to help answer questions is prompt, personable, professional and second to none. AirMaxx Trampoline Park

Park Manager

We are very satisfied with Cloud Retailer, they take care of our computer and POS needs. The staff and product are top notch! Westside Liquor

@West Side Liquor

"If you don’t love Cloud Retailer, we’ll give you your money back*"

Rick Feuling, President - Cloud Retailer

*subject to terms and conditions, see CloudRetailer.com for details.

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