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Trusted by over 500 liquor stores processing over $960,000,000 in sales in the past 12 months.

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Add At Least 1% to Your Bottom Line

Cloud Retailer is a revolutionary Liquor Store Profit System that redefines how liquor store owners do business. It’s designed to increase revenue, and reduce payment fees and inventory shrinkage, ultimately reducing labor costs. Cloud Retailer allows you to conduct day-to-day functions without the hassle – giving you the flexibility to manage your store seamlessly from your mobile device. It provides you with the power to hold your vendors accountable on their pricing. When it comes to running a liquor store, a mere 3% difference in profit margin can spell the difference between the high life and the poor house. Cloud Retailer could be that difference for you.

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Increase Revenue

Increase transaction size by at least 10%

Cloud Retailer empowers you to boost your revenue. Our innovative reward program makes it simple to enhance customer loyalty, leading to an impressive 10% increase in transaction size. With Cloud Retailer, you streamline operations and watch your revenue steadily grow.

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Reduce Payment Fees

Eliminate or dramatically reduce credit card fees

Cloud Retailer offers two powerful options to eliminate credit card fees and access the best rates for your liquor store. By reducing payment fees, you can take back your third-largest operating expense, after labor and rent, saving on operational costs and redirecting those funds toward growth and profit. Better than surcharging, Dual Pricing allows you to eliminate credit card fees and increase profits by 5%, while our Cash Discounting feature provides an alternative method to further optimize your payment processing and maximize savings.

Reduce Labor Costs

Cut labor costs and optimize efficiency

Our system automates reporting and streamlines all operations to help you cut labor costs and maintain a seamless customer experience. Additionally, your staff can be trained on the system in less than 15 minutes, ensuring efficient onboarding and minimal disruptions to your business operations. With our point-of-sale system, your cashiers can process transactions faster, reducing the need for additional staffing during peak hours.

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Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Keep your inventory safe and protect your profits

Our solution gives you the needed insights and visibility into transactions and trends that cause shrinkage. Cloud Retailer offers real-time alerts for suspicious transactions, integrates seamlessly with cameras for enhanced security and role-based security access.

Advanced Inventory Management

Make Your Inventory Make You Money

Cloud Retailer empowers you to make data-driven decisions, ensuring optimal stock levels and reducing the risk of overstocking or running out of popular items. Track product information, enhance upselling, and leverage e-commerce for optimal inventory management.

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Reporting that matters

Reporting That Matters

Reporting that will empower you to improve your bottom line.

Rick Feuling, Founder and CEO of Cloud Retailer, brings firsthand experience as the CEO of a chain of liquor stores generating over $27 million in revenue. During this time, many key insights were built into the software, focusing on marketing, automation, reporting, and fraud prevention. Under his leadership and alongside his exceptional team, profits soared, customer satisfaction flourished, and employee engagement reached new heights.

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Fraud Protection


Get unparalleled fraud protection with Cloud Retailer’s Liquor Store Profit System. Our experts use advanced technology and industry insights to protect your bottom line from cashier theft and customer credit card fraud. More than just software, we offer comprehensive training and tools to prevent fraud, including ID checks and risk management strategies. Safeguard your business and confidently manage risks with Cloud Retailer.

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